The last week saw many decisions that have been accurately assessed as changing the core of America. On Obamacare, it is still upheld, regardless of your concerns medically or ability you will have insurance. Now it will be subsidized by the government one way or another, and as such you […]


No one should be the least bit surprised that elected officials in Washington D.C. have failed to even read the text of legislation they are pushing through. It will not be the first time it has happened in the recent future, nor will it likely be the last. With a […]

They Want a “Living Wage”

Right and a lot of people want a lot of things. The difference between those people and the ones crying that they want $15 hour to work fast food? One group went out and got a decent job instead of sitting in a job that generally goes to high school […]

The Race Is On

So with each party having contenders in the race or clearly entering it soon, the media circus is in full swing.  It is going to be an expensive and exhausting endeavour with billions of dollars involved.  With so many topics to cover it will be a headache to see how […]

Ruger AR556

I have Finally entered the 21st century. After dealing with the M16A1 in the Army and the M16A2 in the Marine Corps. I had little desire to own or even shoot a M16 or AR variant rifle again.  The major flaws that I disliked was: 1. 5.56 cartridge is ineffective […]


S. 498 and H.R. 923

Two partner pieces of legislation were introduced this last week in Congress. Should they become law, it would provide for reciprocity for concealed carry from state to state. No more requirements to check what state honors what permit. Leaving only locations without concealed carry (D.C.) to stop you from carrying […]

What Happens Next

The media reaction, the world’s reaction to the incidents in France should be a signal for the direction we are headed. Do we see all media outlets lay down in fear of extremists? Does a determined group stand up for what we truly believe in? Does the American media stop […]

Government The Biggest Problem?

I do not hold a lot of faith in Gallup polls (or many of the others). However this interesting piece of information just came out. The highest “average” concern for those polled throughout 2014 just happens to be Government/Congress/Politicians category. Economy falls in at number 2, unemployment 3 and healthcare […]

CMP Garand part two.

Sorry this post comes so much later then part one. I have been busy with life.   The rifle arrived on time and packaged amazingly well. The hard case that the rifle came in was free, a CMP logo on it. A nice case. The firearm was a Korean war […]

Black Friday sales down!

I am glad to hear this. Maybe now the black friday people will stop thinking of Thanksgiving as a shopping day and as a day to give thanks for the things in your life. All to fast the good things in your life can and will be gone, the memories […]